Thursday, 19 April 2012

'X-Ray Vision' With Cellphone Cameras

X-ray vision won't just be limited to comic book superheroes in the future. A team at the University of Texas at Dallas led by Kenneth O, Ph.D., professor of electrical engineering, has made new scientific advances that could make it possible for cameras to see through solid walls.

Concept behind this advancement is using  a chip which researchers have succeed to design.
The chip would make it possible for the camera on a mobile device to see through walls, wood, plastic, paper and even into the human body.

X-Ray Vision'  With Cellphone Cameras

This comes as the result of the linking up of two scientific advances: One taps into an unused range in the electromagnetic spectrum; the other is a new advance in microchip technology involving the terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum, which thus far has not been accessible via consumer devices.
 X-Ray vision with Cellphones
"With focused effort, a product could be created within two years," said O.

Technology that will allow for non-superheroes to see through walls is thus seeing development in a number of sectors, including the military, with very different goals in mind.


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