Thursday, 14 June 2012

D ROLL Laptop

D-roll or Digital roll Laptop is a new remarkable concept which has the same shape and same function as traditional laptops have. D-roll has long tube shape which is inspired from the storage concept mostly used by the artists, designers etc. D-roll Laptop is multifunctional laptop with a roll of OLED display. D-roll Laptop has a very cool design and also containing a slide out keyboard and a mouse and a webcam to be used as covers for the case.

The D-Roll has two modes of functioning:
  • Full function Mode and
  • E-mail mode.
In full functions mode: In its full functional mode all the peripherals are attached and
In the E-mail mode: The main display screen is switched off and a smaller screen attached to the main body of the tube is switched on.

The D-Roll solves overheating  traditional problems of standard laptops as the D-Roll uses a unique cooling system that allows air flow to cool the system inside and out and creating air circulation sending heat from inside the system and then out acting like an exhaust.

Features of D-roll Laptop

  • A roll up OLED screen
  • A slide out keyboard, mouse and a detachable webcam
  • Efficiency
  • Unique cooling system
  • Very user-friendly
  • Flexible screen perhaps
  • Fingerprint Lock
  • Flexible OLED display


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