Sunday, 24 June 2012


Lightsaberis an elegant formal weapon of Jedi Knight for cutting things which cannot be cut using ordinary tools. It can be used both as a fusioncutter and blaster but it is generally used for more sophisticated cutting.

A blade of light that is about 1.33 meters long is projected from the hilt which is polished by metal. Jedi order and Sith counterpart are used for this signature weapon, and blaster bolts can be deflected by both of these.

The blades gets light up from bottom to top with a sound produced and gets faded from top to bottom again with a sound. A sound of loud crackle is produced if the blade of lightsaber is bring into the contact of any object or another lightsaber.

Sound effect will be triggered by each waveand with each crash of one light saber with other lightsaber producing a loud explosion of sound.

Original Star Wars film that has come up in 1997 has used lightsaber as a fictional weapon that has been given the name “laser sword”. After that, at least one lightsaber combat has been featured in every Star Wars movie (expect The Star Wars Special movie) till now date. In the Expanded Universe, some of the exotic saber proof materials has been given a lot of fame.

It is a very harmful tool if used as a fighting tool as it leaves cauterized wounds in flesh that are harmful for everybody. An energy shield or another ligthsaber’s blade can be used to deflect the effect.

ebayhas also sold lightsabers, so we can gauge the popularity of lightsaber by this. Daily life can be made easier by the use of this fabulous plasma weapon by using it for a variety of daily household work like cutting, however until now this technology has been taken for granted.

Lightsaber for household work is a very sophisticated gadget as a refined technology has been used in its principle or working. So, get ready to hang out for more and more of lightsaber’s usage in the upcoming time…


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