Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Energy Harvesting Knee Strap

Because of the continuous decrement in the energy resources, it is a really necessary to conserve and harvest the energy and for doing this scientists from all over the world are giving the all possible efforts. In addition to the Energy harvesting, a team of researchers from Cranfield University,  University of Salford and the University of Liverpool have invented a energy harvesting knee strap, which will be attached to the outer side of your knee and will convert your mechanical energy into the electrical energy, when you walk with the straps on. 


The device consists of an outer ring fitted with 72 plectra and a central hub with four protruding arms. When the blend in the knee takes place the outer ring of the device rotates and plectras pluck energy generating arms which causes vibrations in the arms and causes electricity generation. these arms are not simple are these are some type of piezoelectric devices called Bimorph. these piezoelectric devices are capable of converting mechanical energy into electric energy.


At this time the instrument is capable of generating around 20mW of power but it is said that a few improvements can make it to more than 30mW.

Talking about the cost of the device lead author of the study Dr Michele Pozzi said, “There is an on-going project looking at manufacturing a more compact and truly wearable harvester. At the moment we are using precise but cost effective manufacturing techniques for the plectra and casing and anticipate that remaining parts will be moulded industrially, slashing the cost. I'd put a cost tag of less than £10 for each harvester on a large scale production."

this device weighs around 10 kg and it is also considered to reduce the weight of the device and make it wearable for all.

In near future these kind of devices will be able to power up your GPS devices, Heart rate monitors, pedometers and accelerometers and will be ridding all your batteries off.


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