Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mind Controlled Games

Imagine that you are controlling all of the objects of a game with the help of your thoughts only by relaxing your mind. Have you ever thought of such kind of magic?? But in today’s world it is not a magic rather it has become a reality.

Science fiction has been made a reality by the companies like NeuroSky that are giving users the power to controls screen elements exclusively with your thought control without the help of any mouse or keyboard.

This has been made possible with the help of headsets which are affordable that are able to determine the state of the mind of a person. 

A sensor is present in the headsets that is able to detect the state of your mind and after detecting the signal the analog signal is transferred to the digital signal with the help of a chip and then finally the signal travels wirelessly to the computer.

Mindflex game by Mattel and Star Wars force trainer toy of Uncle Milton Inc. have already incorporated this technology into apparatus of video games and novelty toys.
Mindflex Game, The Secret World, Mind Games, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind are some of the games that have made use of this technology and are available on the sites of Walmart and Amazon. 

Emotiv Systems has optimized the popular games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft by providing a package that includes a reading device for brainwaves without the help of mouse or keyboard.

MindHunter, desktop game provides players to fire a weapon if they are able to focus on the game single mindedly.

Mind Controlled Video Games have not reached up to superb effect but they are still cool to be used at this stage. NecoMiMi headset has become very popular among other headsets that is run by mind. Brainwave Headset of Mindwave Mobile is compatible with desktop computers, Android phones and iOS devices.

Behavior modification can be done with the help of this technology which will provide help in relieving the stress of people from their busy schedule.

You don’t need to use any mouse or keyboard or point a laser stick towards the screen, so this technology can be used as an asset for physiologically handicapped persons also.

Until now the devices that has been made are able to read only the difference between relaxed state of mind and simple concentrated state, so there is no danger that these devices can read all of your thoughts if you have a lot of secrets!!!

Further development is taking place in making of more advance products by which the brain activity can be directly translated into the on screen activity. The more advance devices will pick up the brain’s electrical signals and will be able to send them to the connected devces like smartphones by converting those signals into information.


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