Wednesday, 13 June 2012


HoverMast is a Light weighted intelligence-gathering tethered flying machine Technology specially designed for small vehicles and The ‘HoverMast’ is developed by Israeli in Sky Sapience Company.

HoverMast is a general purpose intelligence gathering craft that can carry up to 9 kilograms of equipment like radar systems or sensors and Data can be transmitted down to a nearby ground station or, via integrated data links. It attaches to a small vehicle like a car or truck by a combination power and data cable.

The HoverMast is stored in a compact housing unit that can be mounted on any vehicle generally small vehicles in particular: cars, pick-up trucks, unmanned ground or surface vehicles (UGV/USV), ATVs, and small naval craft, making the system especially suited for Special Forces, border and port protection, and infantry missions.

Features of HoverMast:

  •     Has hard-wired power connection.
  •     Is includes real time video cameras capable of both day and night-time.
  •     HoverMast can be landed and stowed in 10-15 seconds.
  •     Station keeping is indefinitely
  •     Electricity powered from the ground
And is mainly used for

  •     Port security
  •     Federal and local law enforcement
  •     Anti-terror activities
  •     Critical infrastructure protection
  •     Mega event protection and crowd control
  •     Special forces, infantry and naval operations
  •     Urban warfare
  •     Battle information fusion


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